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Do NOT apply for your Unemployment benefits too early.

Make sure your official last day or separation date is today or later before you apply for unemployment. Many larger companies may not officially terminate your employment for 2 weeks or more. If you were not given a written separation date and agreement or are unsure of the separation date, contact your company human resources department to clarify the exact last date of employment.

Apply for Indiana Unemployment benefits on the Internet.

Now you can File your Indiana Unemployment Insurance claim via the Internet. Fast, easy, and no lines. Indiana has improved and expanded internet filing for just about every type of unemployment claims.

Make sure you have at least 30-45 minutes of dedicated time to fill out the online application. You will need your social security number and employment information.

There are a couple of rather tricky screens and a couple of questions that may seem odd, but make sure you enter all the information needed until you see a completed screen. When the online application is completed, you will be given a confirmation number and effective date of unemployment. Make sure you print this information or save to your disk drive.

You should receive a letter from the Indiana Department that handles unemployment claims within 10 -14 days to confirm your Internet unemployment claim worked. If you do NOT receive a confirmation letter, you MUST go to an office in person to request help with your unemployment claim.

To receive unemployment payment you are responsible for maintaining your work search records on the forms provided on a weekly basis, for up to 26 weeks.

You will be required to produce your work search upon request. Failure to do so may result in denial of unemployment benefits. if you come into the local office, be sure to bring your work search record forms with you.

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